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Past Projects

Measure for Measure

Frogtown Brewery | April 24, 2023

Dramatis Personae
Angelo: Delia Baseman*
Claudio: Margaret Katch
Elbow/Abhorson: Katherine Bourne Taylor*
Lucio: Patrick Arter*
Duke V: Anne Sonneville*
Provost: Hadiyyah Noelle
Friar: Robert Paterno
Francisca/Servant/Officer/Messenger: Emme Perkins
Escalus: Casey Morris
Froth: Roni Geneva
Mariana: Christine Lin
Isabella: Nowany Rattray
Mistress Overdone: Becky Poole
Justice/Barnardine: Rizzy Fuentes
*denotes BSRPLA Stakeholder

Photos by David Sprague

More show info here.

Much Ado About Nothing

Frogtown Brewery| November 18, 2022

Dramatis Personae
Benedick: Brian Gene White*
Beatrice: Katherine Bourne Taylor*
Hero: Kelly Lozo*
Claudio: Patrick Arter*
Verges/Margaret: Delia Baseman*
Don Pedro: Danny Bernardo*
Andrew Aguecheek: Katherine Bourne Taylor*
Antonia: Taylor Bibat
Dogberry/Ursula: Hadiyyah Noelle
Leonato: Robert Paterno
Don John/Sexton: Emme Perkins
Conrade: Anne Sonneville
Balthazar: Chloe Baldwin
The Watch: Heather Schmidt
Friar Francis: Lilliana Winkworth
*denotes BSRPLA Stakeholder

More show info here.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Cargo Snack Shack | June 27, 2022

Dramatis Personae
Oberon: Ann Sonneville
Titania: Patrick Arter*
Puck: Kevin Matsumoto
Bottom: Brian Gene White*
Hermia: Mariah Goolsby
Lysander: Delia Baseman*
Demetrius: Jamie B. Cline
Helena: Danny Bernardo*
Quince: Hadiyyah Noelle
Snug: Margaret Katch
Snout: Kelly Lozo*
Starveling: Taylor Bibat
Flute: Emme Perkins
Theseus/Moth: Arvin Lee
Hippolyta/Mustardseed: Joshua Pinkowski
Egeus/Peaseblossom: Robert Paterno
Philostrate: Noelle Fabian Dragon
Dog: Callie Wang
*denotes BSRPLA Stakeholder

Photos by Brian Elerding
More show info here.

Twelfth Night

Cargo Snack Shack | August 23, 2021

Dramatis Personae
Viola: Mariah Goolsby
Maria: Delia Baseman*
Olivia: Danny Bernardo*
Antonio/Captian/Valentine et al: Sol Landerman*
Duke Orsino: Patrick Arter*
Toby Belch: Zach Brown*
Andrew Aguecheek: Katherine Bourne Taylor*
Malvolio: Brian White*
Sebastian: Kelly Lozo*
Feste: David Mitchell
*denotes BSRPLA Stakeholder

As You Like It

Verdugo Bar | February 10, 2020

Dramatis Personae
Braden Coucher, Brian White*, Clare Cooney, Danny Bernardo*, Delia Baseman*, Erin O’Shea, Katherine Bourne Taylor*, Kelly Lozo*, Margaret Katch, Mariah Goolsby, Michael Perez*, Molly Lyons, Patrick Arter*, Robert Paterno, Sol Landerman*, Zach Brown*
*denotes BSRPLA Stakeholder

Projects that live in our hearts

October 2019: Macbeth
Becky Poole, Brian White, Danny Bernardo, Delia Baseman, Katherine Bourne Taylor, Kelly E. Lozo, Margaret Katch, Mariah Goolsby, Michael Perez, Patrick Arter, Sam Guinan-Nyhart, Solomon Shiv, Taylor Bibat

January 2016: Much Ado About Nothing
Patrick Arter, Delia Baseman, Taylor Bibat, Crash Buist, Kevin Barry Crowley, Leslie Frame-Crowley, Amber Friendly, Dieterich Gray, Margaret Katch, Remy Ortiz, Caroline Rau, Matthew Sherback, and Laura Wilkinson-Hite

September 2015: 12th Night
Audrey Flegel, Kevin Crowley, Leslie Frame-Crowley, Robert Hope, Nicholas Harazin, Kelley Ristow, Remy Ortiz, Joey Bland, Danny Junod, Nikki Pierce, Amber Friendly, Laura Wilkinson Hite, and Deiterich Gray.

Santa Cruz – August 2013: Two Gentlemen of Verona
Mike Ryan, Toby Onwumere, Emily Shain, Jake Cohen, Jessica Greenstreet, Alexandra Ho, Alexandra Matthew, Chris Cherin, Ariane Helou, Bob Nelson, Andrew P. Quick, Nick Ortega, Katie Burris, Nicholas Harazin, Olivia Schlueter-Corey, Patrick Arter

Photo by David Sprague

If you have played with us before and have pictures from past projects, please send them our way. We’d love to post them here!

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